Sebastian Mullaert debuts on Apollo with stunning EP

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Here’s an EP you don’t want to miss: Minilogue maestro Sebastian Mullaert’s debut for the esteemed Apollo label. Mullaert’s label debut is called ‘All the Keys Are Here’, with a respectful nod to the classic Apollo sound.

Sebastian Mullaert’s first for Apollo follows collaborations with Mathew Jonson, Eitan Reiter, Aril Brikha and Ulf Eriksson, as well as recent releases for Hypercolour, Drumcode, Mule Musiq and Kontra Musik.

While most well-known historically for his widescreen melodic techno as one half of Minilogue, Mullaert’s compositions for ‘All The Keys Are Here’ draw on a lusher, more organic palette of sounds, thrumming with intimate inner vibrations. Originating from piano based improvisations, these four musical excursions embrace simplicity through repetition and sparse arrangements that make for an ecstatic, enveloping listening experience.

Sebastian’s studio sessions and live performances take influence from his Zen spiritual practices and meditative techniques, with inspiration provided by the serenity and simplicity of the forest close to his home studio in the majestic Röstånga woods.

Mullaert: “I really believe that when someone is perceiving art, that person is in a way equally creative and part of the creation as a person playing an instrument, or performing or composing the song. Because it’s in this very moment in the consciousness where the experience of the art is taking place.”

‘All the Keys Are Here’ is out on June 23rd through Apollo.


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