Semantica reveals details new Oscar Mulero album

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This week the esteemed Spanish techno imprint Semantica releases Oscar Mulero´s excellent ´Acceptance´ EP, followed by his fifth full length album in March. The album is called ´Perfect Peace´ and will be out on vinyl, CD and on all digital formats.

The new album displays Mulero´s growing interest in exploring the experimental side of his work that was evident earlier on the albums ´Muscle And Mind’ (2015) and ‘Grey Fades to Green’ (2011) and on Mulero’s A/V projects Biolive and Monochrome.

According to the accompanying press release the new album is ´a collection of tracks characterised by low BPM rhythms and deep sonic textures, conceived to be listened to as a soundtrack´. You can listen to the opening track below.

´Perfect Peace´ is out on March 16th through Semantica.

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