Série Limitée 007 (Série Limitée)

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When Monsieur Cedric dropped his phenomenal podcast for House Cult back in early 2014, he had just released the first two editions of his ‘Série Limitée’ EP’s. Now, almost two years and ten releases later (counting the four Hors-Séries EP’s) his label is still going from strength to strength.

‘Série Limitée 007′ is another big one containing four strong tracks that all have a slightly different vibe, yet are all capable of creating that raw house atmosphere we love so much over here. Pressed in a limited run of 300 copies, this EP is no doubt destined to become a collector’s item in only a short matter of time.

Neuronphase opens this great EP with the brooding, Moodymannesque ‘Life in the Party’, before Flabaire takes over proceedings with a mesmerising hybrid of Fingers-like Chicago house and early nineties New York stuff with a hint of timeless Detroit added for guaranteed sonic satisfaction.

On Side B Ana Xander marries an unstoppable groove with sizzling hihats and hypnotic chords, followed by Le Rubrique and Jacob Stoy‘s incredibly deep and wonderfully swirling ‘Frankfurt Weekenders’. Man, we love this!

Série Limitée 007 is now available from Juno Records, Get it here. Don’t sleep!


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