South London Ordnance – Sex Fortress (Aery Metals)

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Here at House Cult we love South London Ordnance. His output on labels like Teal, Well Rounded, 2nd Drop, Audio Culture and Hotflush has always been quite versatile, but his records all have a rawness to them that make them stand out.

‘Sex Fortress’, his third release on his own label Aery Metals is one of his toughest releases to date. The title track is a dirty industrial tinged monster that works best in sweaty clubs with low ceilings. Doomy dark room stuff that’s built around a heavily modulated bassline, metallic percussion and seriously spooky vocal samples.

B-side ‘Photobox’ is slightly more introverted but equally hypnotic – a brooding, atmospheric track that snakes around a steadily grooving 606 and hypnotic echo effects. Great work once again.

‘Sex Fortress’ is out on March 8 through Aery Metals.

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