Stream Kaiserdisco’s bangin’ new Drumcode EP

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If you’ve heard Adam Beyer play anywhere over the last few weeks, chances are you’ve heard him banging out ‘Black Light’ by Hamburg duo Kaiserdisco to great effect.

The latest EP by Kaiserdisco on Beyer’s Drumcode imprint is one of Kaiserdisco’s strongest EP’s to date. Title track ‘Black Light’ is a big bad techgroover with an unstoppable drive and a phuturesque vocal sample. ‘SQ 80’ further expands their distinctive view on big room techno and ‘Manley’ is all about squeaky synth lines and rattling percussion.

Apart from their fourth Drumcode release the Hamburg boys will be releasing new work on Tronic and Suara in December. They’re also preparing a remix EP on KD Raw that will come out in January.

‘Black Light’ is out today on Drumcode.

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