Stream Roman Flügel´s new album in full

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Earlier this week Dial released Roman Flügel´s brilliant new album ´All the Right Noises´. You can now hear it in full on Roman´s Soundcloud page.

Here at House Cult HQ we´re in love with the whole thing, but we couldn´t even begin to tell you how often we´ve played ´Dead Idols´, one of the standout tracks.

´All the Right Noises´ is his most narrative album so far, yet sounds remarkably intuitive and spontaneous. Flügel:`Since the release of ´Fatty Folders´ I avoid to publish a loose track collection as an album. I tried to arrange something that is self-contained. For the new album I used fewer notes then usually. No unnecessary extras, no  gimmicks. When I found the basic sound and produced it accurate, a meaningful track order appeared autonomous. Tension and relaxation are this time important parameters, as well as harmonious relationships´.

Flügel:´To me the studio work is a welcome alternation from my DJ sets during the weekends. This time the opposition even goes so far that I partially bypass obvious beats and even the classic 4/4 scheme is often avoided. In addition to the contrast of the weekend business, I focused on the freedom of structure. Nothing needs to function. Some tracks are simply recorded live and never got quantized. It is an attempt to dissolve the musical pulse, or blurring it at least.´

´All the Right Noises´ is out now on Dial Records.

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