Stump Valley – Recorded at Summer Forest Camp (Uzuri)

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It’s one of our favorite records out there right now: the first volume of Uzuri´s new ´Wilderness Sessions´ series by mysterious Italian production duo Stump Valley.

So far Uzuri is mostly known for its love affair with deep Chicago-style house music. With the new Wilderness Sessions they’re venturing off the beaten path, opting for a more leftfield approach instead. Italian mystery outfit Stump Valley is up first with a four track gem called ‘Recorded at Summer Forest Camp’.

The EP starts off with the warm broken beat vibe of ‘Searching’, before descending into the majestically swirling slo mo house sounds of ‘Caruso’, an emotional Larry Heard-inspired deep house track with a gorgeous piano theme. It’s the undisputed highlight of this great little piece of work, that also features a lovely midtempo jazzdance stepper in the form of ‘Down the Dirt Road’.

‘Recorded at Summer Forest Camp’ is out now. Get it here.

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