Synkro – Painting imaginary pictures with melodies

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Usually we write articles based on our excitement about certain releases, events or once in a while, an interview with an intriguing artist. This time we want to highlight an artist who, in our humble opinion, is more than a skilled producer, and someone who deserves a fair bit of exposure and recognition. Not due to one release or an album, but due to his entire thrilling oeuvre. We are aware of the fact that most of you are familiar with Synkro, but for those who aren’t, we would like to introduce you to this brilliant producer.

Synkro, real name Joe, originates from Manchester and caught our attention with his impeccable release named ‘Acceptance’ earlier this year. It’s a shame we encountered Joe this late, but we enjoyed the quest digging true his earlier released work. Acceptance is a full-length album containing 8 marvelous tracks. All the tracks on the album do have astonishing sounding melodies and well-crafted textures. Each track has a specific vibe which evokes a matching emotion.

Joe grew up on the English countryside. A surrounding with beautiful landscapes, and let’s be honest, shitty weather. Joe could be described as an outdoor type of guy. He likes his daily walks and the peace that Mother Nature provides; it proved to be a successful source of inspiration for Joe to create his music. The melancholy part within his music has much to do with the environment he lived in as a young, music-obsessed teenager.

The Acceptance album is suitable for every emotion we experience in our daily lives. When you’re feeling depressed, Synkro’s tracks offer comfort. When feeling happy, the music intensifies the joyful feelings, and for the philosophical people amongst us; it’s the best music to mull over past or upcoming stages in life.

Besides his work under his Synkro pseudonym, Joe teamed up with fellow Mancunian Indigo to create more edgy and raw material released under the name Akkord. Something definitely worth checking out. You might want to check out the set the boys performed at the Boilerroom as well.

In 2012, Joe released his Broken Promises EP on Apollo records, an astonishing release, similar to his Acceptance EP. Joe gained international recognition and support from artists such as ASC, Chris Coco, Giles Peterson, Brendon Moeller, Mary Anne Hobbs, London Electricity and many more. Synkro created several remixes for a variety of international established artists such as Snow Patrol and The XX. We’d like to highlight two other remixes, the remix for Scottish producer Soosh and his remix of Daughter’s Love.

We guess Joe’s creating music twenty-four-seven, something we definitely encourage; Joe’s an artist who has the capability to keep you amazed with every single release he’s putting out. Besides his work as Synkro and Akkord, Joe is also producing music together with Bering Strait in their Kiyoko project. Again, amazing sounding tracks. Lush, vibrant melodies, amazing soundscapes, interesting textures and rhythm.

It’s safe to say Synkro is one of the most talented and innovative artists from the UK at the moment. We’re happy to inform you that Synkro will release his new album called ‘Lost Here’ in December via R&S records sub-label; Apollo Records. A date to mark in your schedule and meanwhile we can enjoy his earlier released work or the “touching Bass’ mix he recorded for Noisy.

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