Synth builders Tiptop start new label, Blawan, Kink and Surgeon are up first

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L.A. based modular instrument builders Tiptop have just announced the debut release of the new Tiptop Audio imprint. Hardware enthusiasts Blawan, Kink, Surgeon, Drumcell, John Tejada, Richard Devine and Christian Burkhardt all contribute a track to its inaugural compilation.

The first release by the Silicon Valley based synth company will initially come as a double vinyl edition, with a cover painted by the artist Matteo Giampaglia, followed by a digital download version at a later date. Tiptop: “in recent years musical productions have seen a remarkable return to the use of hardware through analog synthesizers and digital control interfaces. This trend has proven so strong that it prompted a rebirth of modular synths in a new format (eurorack). Tiptop Audio has made a name producing sophisticated but easy to use modules, designed to form a complete system that is especially effective for dance-oriented productions and live sets.”

According to Tiptop, their first issue will be “a compilation of some of the most groundbreaking artists using such systems, who, through their tracks, explore the landscape of dance music in a very fresh perspective. These are the artists who inspire the Tiptop team to make more innovative devices, which in turn make new music (a nice feedback loop).”

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