Terrence Parker releases God Loves Detroit album on Planet E

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Carl Craig’s Planet E imprint has announced the release of Terrence Parker’s second album for the label. The album is called ‘God Loves Detroit’ and is planned for late June.

Parker’s new album follows the acclaimed ‘Life on the Back 9’ and pays hommage to the troubled Motor City. Parker: ‘The concept of ‘God Loves Detroit’ came first in 2013. By this time the city of Detroit had just filled bankruptcy, making it the largest municipal bankruptcy debt filing in US history. The city was the subject of jokes on late night television, and ridiculed globally. I couldn’t help but feel God loves Detroit and must be allowing this for a reason. As the city began to slowly turn around I too was inspired to create a collection of songs that would ultimately make up the album.’

‘I am very happy and humbled with how this project has manifested as a piece of musical and visual art to represent Detroit in a positive way. It is my hope this project will reach beyond Detroit to let the world know Detroit’s struggles are the world’s struggles, and Detroit’s victory is the world’s victory because God loves us all.’

‘God Loves Detroit’ is out on June 30 through Planet E.


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