Token announces new Ø [Phase] album in October

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Token will release a new album by Ø [Phase] later this year, the Belgian label announced earlier today. The new record is called ‘Alone in Time?’ and will be out on October 30.

Ø [Phase] (real name Ashley Burchett) made his full album debut on Token with ‘Frames of Reference’ in 2013 and is now ready to take his sound to the next level. “It was always an intention to make another album and now just felt like the right time. Life moves on, we change and grow. As lessons get learned and ideas form, the desire to express them gradually manifests.”

Furthermore, Burchett adds, “’Frames Of Reference’ was about overcoming personal struggles and challenges, while ‘Alone In Time?’ is more forward facing.”

Over the last 8 years Burchett recorded almost twenty EP’s for the Belgian label.

The eleven new tracks on ‘Alone in Time’ are available on vinyl, CD and digital formats through Token Records on October 30.

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