Traumer – Cold Water EP (Arts Transparent)

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With 2015 slowly coming to an end, Parisian super talent Traumer comes up with an EP that’s sure to appear in a lot of end-of-year lists. This is the record you’ve heard blasting out of our office pretty much every day for the last three weeks.

Traumer has been coming up with stunning stuff for more than two years now, but his latest effort for Arts Transparent, one of the daughter labels of the Italian Arts imprint, simply blew us away when it was delivered to our mailbox a few weeks ago. We’ve actually been dying to share this one with you.

It’s the title track that’s been haunting us most – a timeless techno banger with a plethora of simple yet brutally effective chords building into a hypnotic frenzy. It’s the sort of track that can push any hyped-up crowd over the edge. In a good way.

But there’s more to this EP than the stunning title track. ‘Momentum’ is an understated psychedelic techgroover that snakes through a beautifully detailed landscape, while ‘XAS’ marries a more straightforward techhouse approach with subdued, dubby effects. ‘Cold Cut’ rounds off this great EP in style with nice chunky beats smothered in layers of delay.

‘Cold Water’ is out though Arts Transparent on November 13. Get it here.

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