Uner – Silencio (Supernature)

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Spanish DJ/producer Uner (real name Manuel Garcia Guerra) got promoted to the big league last year with his well received debut album for Dynamic, Boiler Room debut and strong dj sets all over the world. His new EP for Supernature is an absolute stunner.

‘Silencio’ is a beautifully crafted micro house track that shows Uner’s obsessive attention to detail. A steady and chunky techhouse groove is the solid base for a broad arsenal of subtle pads, chords and melodies that linger in and out. A wonderful piece of work.

Oslo duo Of Norway give the stunning original a blistering IDM treatment before launching into a comfortable groove. Patrice Meiner strips it down and gives it some more air, while Igor Vicente wraps it in three layers of see through plastic.

‘Silencio’ is out now on Supernature.

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