Virginia – My Fantasy (Ostgut Ton)

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‘My Fantasy’ is Virginia’s second EP for Ostgut Ton. A sultry and accomplished record that shows she’s now ready to take her sound to the next level. ‘I think I’ve evolved as a producer.  Since working on my first EP for Ostgut Ton I’ve learnt much of what I was lacking in skills before. Now I’m capable of working more focused – although I’m continuing to work intuitively.’

Opener ‘Fictional’ is a slow burning Chicago early nineties-style deep house track with melancholic synth sweeps. Virginia goes back in time even further with the title track, that echoes the work of Virgo Four and their contemporaries. ‘Never Enough’ rounds of this strong and highly emotive EP, that shows a lot of dedication as well as restraint.

The vocals take a backseat on Virginia’s new EP.  ‘After having worked on so many collaborations and feature pieces throughout the years I now appreciate producing my very own original tracks. It’s important to me to be recognized and taken seriously as a producer – and not just as the singer who also DJs. Of course I’m not abandoning vocals just to present straight instrumentals. So there wasn’t any intention behind the use of very few voices on this 12“.’

‘My Fantasy’ is out on january 26 through Ostgut Ton. A new album is expected later this year.


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