Watch a video for RVO’s Primal Need

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In October Dutch producer Reggy van Oers releases his debut alnum ‘Taciturn Manner’ on his Telemorph imprint. You can watch the video for the first album track ‘Primal Need’ below.

According to the press release announcing van Oers’ debut album several field recordings form the core of the album, ‘A persistent continuous movement throughout the elements of the tracks causes a certain contrasting tension and gradually transforms into lush cinematic textures. An intricate and mesmerizing journey, full of rich and surprising details, resulting in a rather emotional expression of his constraint style and coherent distinct sound.’

The video for ‘Primal Need’ was produced by Berlin-based visual artist Zee Maria Osh, who matched visuals inspired by his documentary to the track’s throbbing soundscape.

‘Taciturn Manner’ is out through Telemorph on October 14th.

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