Watch the video for Max Cooper’s new single Waves

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Max Cooper has just released a video for a new track called ‘Waves’, the first single lifted of his new album ‘Emergence’ that’s out in late November. You can watch it below.

This video of ‘Waves’ is part of Cooper’s touring audiovisual project ‘Emergence’, where he explores the idea of ‘natural laws and their creation of the world around us’. Cooper: ‘The early chapters of the story focus on the fundamentals of natural laws themselves, the basic principles of nature which needed to be in place before the physical universe could come into being.’

Cooper: ‘I chose the concept of waves for part of the Emergence story because they are a very important idea in much of our understanding of the world around us, and within us. They form the basis of light and wireless communications, and our source of energy from the sun which creates almost all plant and animal life.’

‘In addition,waves are also the basis of music – waves in the air, that is, sound structured with symmetries. Much the same as with thinking about symmetry for that chapter of the Emergence story, it turns out that music shares a lot in common with our visual aesthetic preferences, and both are deeply rooted in principles of nature illuminated by science.’

‘Emergence’ is out on November 25. You can pre-order the new album here.


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