Yotam Avni – UR Sleeping / Better Days (Be As One)

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Let’s get this out of the way first: Yotam Avni writes for House Cult occasionally. Apart from being a great dj and producer he’s also an inspired music writer with an in-depth knowledge of electronic music.

That doesn’t mean we feel we have to ignore Yotam’s music output though. The multi-talented Tel Aviv resident has already worked with electronic music icons such as Derrick May, Jovonn and Osunlade and considering the rate he’s currently progressing at it’s going to be hard to ignore him in the future simply because he’s an esteemed colleague. His new EP for Shlomi Aber’s Be As One imprint, for instance, is much too good for that.

‘UR Sleeping’ is a gritty and stripped down techgroover that works best at the end of a long and sweaty night. The zestfully melodic ‘Better Days’ is cut from an entirely different cloth, echoing both the orchestrations of early Transmat and more contemporary Los Hermanos stuff, with hints of mid-nineties Amsterdam (Dimitri & Eric Nouhan, anyone?). Great work once again, although Yotam may just be too versatile for his own good.

UR Sleeping / Better Days is out on Be As One on december 22.

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