Pär Grindvik announces debut album on Stockholm LTD

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Swedish techno chef Pär Grindvik has announced the release of his debut album later this spring. The album is called ‘Isle of Real’ and will be out on his own Stockholm LTD imprint.

The ten track album will be the first full-length release for Grindvik, who’s been creating and releasing music for over twenty years, a history audible on this release. The former Stockholm record store owner goes back to the early UK and US techno labels which formed him as an artist; labels like Elements, Fragile, Transmat, Rising High and Irdial Discs.

Isle of Real traverses deliberately between scenes of delicate electronica with tracks like ‘Never Give In’, ‘Shine’ and ‘Shelter’ and uptempo techno with ‘Limits of Real’, ‘Holy Nothing’ and the anthemic ‘The Marlton’. Dark pools of ambience ‘Isle of Real’ and ‘Tide us Part’ bind the LP, whilst ‘Headland’ and ‘Changes’ build upon timeless techno blueprints.

Check out the delicately flowing ‘Shine’ below.

‘Isle of Real’ will be released as a double album on Stockholm LTD.

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