Check out the new Truncate EP Drum Trax

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The mighty Truncate has just released a second EP on Aussie label Gynoid Audio, including two banging remixes by Scottish techno veterans Slam. Check out the preview below or head over to Beatport for the digital version of the EP.

The A-side of this four track winner sees Truncate in full swing with two original pieces called ‘Model 2’ and ‘Drum Trax’, both dipped in that Truncate signature floor driven minimalist funk and backed with tough percussion.

Scottish techno veterans Slam deliver two strong remixes of ‘Model 2’ on the flipside. The ‘Slam Remix’ charts darker and brooding territory, taking the listener deep into the rabbit hole. The ‘Tenebris Dub’ remix maintains that mood, but shifts through the energy gears to slowly develop into a dance floor bomb.

‘Drum Trax’ is out now on Gynoid Audio.

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