Clip drops first EP on Suara’s raw sublabel Feline

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Spanish cat lover supreme Coyu has announced the first EP on Suara’s vinyl only sublabel Feline. The EP by Barcelona producer Clip is called ‘More of a Sound’ and features three raw unadultered real house bangers.

Suara’s vinyl only sub-label is described by the label as ‘a place where Coyu pays tribute to the black gold releasing underground local talent. House or techno, techno and house, always raw, always pure. Visually it’s the feline elegance, reflected in the beauty of the motion and the plasticity of its own forms, like a cheetah floating in the Savannah. Counterpoint to Suara, Feline goes deeper searching for the purity of the graphic concept and the honesty of the message.’

Check out the preview of the first EP below or head over to Feline’s Soundcloud Page.


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