DJBroadcast starts iPad magazine

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As we try to support all positive developments within the electronic music scene, we’re definitely open-minded towards sharing exciting news from other platforms. DJBroadcast recently released the first edition of their new iPad magazine. The first edition is now available as a free download via the App Store and is definitely something worth checking out. DJB Digital is a new addition within the also renewed DJBroadcast platform.

DJBroadcast is founded in 2002 and concentrates on several verticals such as music, art, lifestyle and night culture in particular. With the launch of ‘DJB Digital’ the platform adds a new exciting element to their existing media channels. Both designers as the editorial office worked hard to create a digital magazine with strong content and a tight design. DJBroadcast deliberately choose to create a magazine that is optimized for the technical features the iPad offers.

The first edition of DJB Digital covers artists such as Jameszoo, Palmbomen and an interview with Martyn and Erosie about their 3024 imprint. The magazine provides the reader with lots of video footage and audio clips. Make sure to grab yourself a free download over here.

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