Hear an upcoming Recondite track for Ghostly

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After spending the past three years making records for esteemed labels like Innervisions, Hotflush, and Acid Test, Recondite has rejoined the Ghostly International fold with an EP that builds on the robust field recordings and pale, moonlit melodies of the Berlin producer’s breakthrough LP ‘Hinterland’. You can listen to the beautiful ‘Capable’ below.

Named after the foreboding family of birds that includes ravens and crows, ‘the new EP ‘Corvus’ is a chilling listen bookended by two very different versions of a spellbound new track called ‘Capable’. While the original version is aimed squarely at shadow-drenched dancefloors, Ricardo Donoso’s remix mutes Recondite’s skeletal drums and restless rhythms in favor of richly woven strings, ghostly ambient grooves, and frost-bitten samples.

The middle section of Corvus is mesmerising as well, as ‘Kauz’ shuffles and shimmers in front of a star-splashed skyline, ‘Huibu’ casts wooden sticks against poison-tipped synth parts, and the EP’s title track melds the harsh cries of Bavarian birds with a tense beat. According to the press release the new material was ‘loosely inspired by everything from Ryuichi Sakamoto’s The Revenant soundtrack to Max Frisch’s heady novel Homo Faber. Recondite: ‘Melancholic’ doesn’t necessarily mean dark. Music can be happy and moody.’

‘Corvus’ is out on November 11 through Ghostly International.

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