Mike Dehnert celebrates 10 years of Fachwerk with new album

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Celebrating the imprint’s 10th anniversary, Mike Dehnert returns to his own Fachwerk label with a new full length album. ‘Providing Home’ contains 11 brand new tracks and is released on June 19th.

Dehnert’s new album follow up a striking 12” on DJ Koze’s Pampa Recordings and sees him exploring new territory with a restrained and subtle sound while retaining his commanding touch when it comes to creating deep club music.

‘Providing Home’ takes elements of modern pop music and extrapolates them with a patience rarely found within the genre itself. Backed by Dehnert’s exceptional experience when it comes to producing club music, the result is an album that’s simultaneously poppy and experimental, yet fundamentally rooted in techno.

‘Providing Home’ is out on June 19 through Fachwerk Records.

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