Preview Dino Sabatini’s new album Omonimo

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On April 8 Dino Sabatini releases a new album called ‘Omonimo’ on his Outis imprint, a warmblooded and slightly melancholic downtempo trip that’s far removed from some of his four-to-the-floor offerings of years past.

The new album kicks off the label’s ‘Opera’ series and features two collaborations with renowned Italian jazz pianist Antonello Salis. The Outis label head explores traditional forms of down-to-midtempo electronic ambience on twelve tracks that are available as an unmixed vinyl double album or mixed CD.

As the press release puts it: “With one foot planted in a mysterious past and the other foot planted in a world yet to arrive, Sabatini’s works are carefully realized emotional journeys that intertwine shimmers of optimism with undercurrents of poignancy or nostalgia. His latest full-length offering ‘Omonimo’ (that’s ‘homonym’ for non-speakers of Italian), brings all of this to fruition on a record that demands and rewards deep listening.”

You can preview the twelve tracks below or on the Outis Soundcloud page.

‘Omonimo’ is out on April 8 through Outis Music.

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