Preview Luke Slater’s upcoming album for Ostgut Ton

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Five years after his last album for Ostgut Ton Luke Slater returns to the Berghain-affiliated label with a new Planetary Assault Systems album. The new albim is called ‘Arc Angel’ and will be out on September 30. You can preview the new longplayer below.

With ‘Arc Angel’ Slater stays true to Planetary Assault System’s initial mission statement, delving further into the endless possibilities of space and time. “For me music has to go forward. I’d feel I was cheating by sticking to tried and tested formulas. There’s a valid use for these, but this album has its own agenda.”

With ‘Arc Angel’ Planetary Assault Systems departs towards new musical frontiers by focussing on melody, staying rooted in the purist techno values that Slater shaped over his decades- and generations-spanning career.

“I love music that takes you somewhere new. All music for this album had to pass that test. At the same time I wanted to re-root the foundations of what I see as techno into that and focus on melody, rather than a track just being a beat. I moved the work of the track from the beat to the upper frequencies making them more important. I think we’ve learnt how to do the big straight beats now and I like trying to push things further without becoming abstract for the sake of it.“

This week Ostgut Ton launched the new A-Ton sublabel with an album worth of Slater’s other alter ego 7th Plain.

‘Arc Angel’ is out on September 30 through Ostgut Ton.

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