Slam announce new album Machine Cut Noise

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Legendary Scottish techno duo Slam have announced the release of a new album in October. The album is called ‘Machine Cut Noise’ and will be out on their own Soma imprint.

‘Machine Cut Noise’ is Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle’s sixth album in 25 years and will be available both on vinyl and digital, out respectively on October 28th and December 9th.

According to the press release the new album has the duo ‘delving into the everyday workings of what makes is human.’ ‘With life, so to speak, running at the very heart of the album. Much of their time is spent on the road, therefore many of the original ideas for the album were created in airports, hotels and wherever the two found themselves inspired around the world. This created a vibe that each track was born of the modern machine itself.’

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