Submerse announces new EP, shares beautiful Sidequests

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UK-born, Tokyo-based abstract electronic beatsmith Rob Orme AKA Submerse drops a new EP called ‘Awake’ on Project Mooncircle in late April. You can preview the first track ‘Sidequests’ below.

The follow up to the more hiphop influenced ‘Stay Home’ was inspired by 1980’s movies, drone and video game soundtracks. ‘It’s a soundtrack for roaming around vast city landscapes between late night and early morning. A lone wolf observes the scenery and watches over people, their heads low, on the path home to sleep.’

The new EP will be released worldwide on April 29 on vinyl (including download code) and limited edition CD including a bonus track via Flau Records in Japan.

Check out Project Mooncircle for more info.

Photo by Repeat Pattern.


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