TodaysArt transforms former ministry into club venue and festival epicentre

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The tower formerly inhabited by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, located in the administrative centre of The Hague, will be the epicentre of TodaysArt 2013. On the 27th and 28th of September the organisation will host the ninth edition of the festival in the iconic building, bringing international acts and artists to the city of The Hague and treating visitors to outstanding performances and works in a program that includes a large number of world and European premieres and exclusive shows. Next to the former ministry building the festival takes place in the City Hall and the surrounding public spaces.

Electronic Pioneers in City Hall
Morton Subotnick (1933), one of the worlds most renowned composers of electronic music and (together with Donald Buchla) inventor of the first analogue synthesizer, will perform his contemporary classic piece ‘Silver Apples of the Moon’ together with video artist Lillevan. Electronic producer Uwe Schmidt released his new album ‘HD’ last month on the raster-noton label as Atom™, and will present his brand new live show exclusively in the Netherlands. Another quite immersive audiovisual performance will be provided by Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto) and Olaf Bender (Byetone) as Diamond Version. For this Dutch premiere Diamond Version will be joined by special guest Atsuhiro Ito. Last but not least, the notorious performance ‘test pattern’ by Ryoji Ikeda will be performed in the iconic Atrium of Richard Meier’s City Hall. Oneohtrix Point Never will present his first show in the Netherlands right before he releases his debut album for Warp Records, ‘R Plus Seven’, on the 30th of September. Another Warp signee to join the program with the Dutch premiere of his new show is Jackson and His Computerband. Eight years after he released his debut album ‘Smash, Jackson and His Computer Band returns with ‘Glow’, a new album that will be released on Warp Records just before TodaysArt. Lustmord will come to The Hague to perform his only show in the Netherlands his year. His latest album ‘The Word As Power, was released in the beginning of July on Blackest Ever Black. Ryoji Ikeda will perform his renowned performance ‘test pattern’.

Club Binnenlandse Zaken
The cafeteria of the Binnenlandse Zaken building is a space in the city centre where 17 500 government employees had their lunch. The doors of the club will be opened for one weekend only. Expect two nights dominated by the finest developments in techno, house and bass music with unique live shows and dj sets. Electronic heavyweight Clark presents a brand new audio- visual live show following his upcoming epic new release on Warp Records. Untold (who runs the Pennyroyal label and has releases on Hemlock, 50Weapons and numerous other labels), who has reinvigorated the climate of dancefloors around the globe and elevated dubstep into uncharted territories – combining it with grime, jungle and more recently techno – is on board for a two- hour set. Andreas Tilliander (releases on Kontra-Musik, raster-noton and Type, aka Mokira), who has a strong interest in analogue music machines, brings his latest live project TM404 for its Dutch premiere.

Label Nights by Kompakt vs Cómeme and SoHaSo

The German Kompakt label in collaboration with the South American orientated Cómeme label will host an eclectic club night featuring Justus KöhnckeSaschienne (Sascha Funke + Julienne Dessagne), Jennifer CardiniBarnt and Philipp Gorbachev. Utrecht-based Nuno Dos Santos presents his new label Something Happening Somewhere with performances by Ivan SmagghePreskLove Over Entropy and David Cornelissen.

Yosi Horikawa, who just released the mesmerizing debut album ‘Vapor’ on First Word Records, will be performing in the Netherlands for the first time ever. A special night entitled ‘Though The Darkness Gathers – Spirituals Remixed’ will see energetic and eclectic performances by Gangpol & MitGuido MöbiusPatric Catani (plus a performance under his other alias, Candie Hank) and Mesak.

Digital LSD and Psychoses in exhibition

The different levels of the tower will host multiple installations and art projects. One of the highlights in the exhibition program is the world premier of the ‘Mutual Wave Machine’ presented by The Marina Abramovic Institute. In ‘Labyrinth Psychotica’ from artist Jennifer Kanary, visitors can experience a digitally triggered psychotic trip. Matthijs Munnik presents new, site-specific work in his series ‘Citadels’ in which flickering light causes a state of hallucination.


Festival tickets are now available in the online Ticket Shop. For a full passe partout Weekend Ticket you will pay €40. Day Tickets are available from €30. It is also possible to buy a Club Pass (€20) or an Atrium Pass (€25).

Performance – 27 September

AtomTM / Diamond Version (Alva Noto + Byetone) + Atsuhiro Ito /
Jackson and His Computer Band / / Morton Subotnick + Lillevan

Performance – 28 September

Lustmord / Oneohtrix Point Never / Ryoji Ikeda /

Club – 27 September

2562 / Clark / Gangpol & Mit / Guido Möbius / / Juju & Jordash / Mesak / Patric Catani + Candie Hank / TM404 (Andreas Tilliander) / TVDiSKO / Untold / Yosi Horikawa + Florence To

Club – 28 September

Barnt / David Cornelissen / Ivan Smagghe / Jennifer Cardini / Justus Köhncke / Love Over Entropy / Nuno Dos Santos + Arnout Hulskamp / Philipp Gorbachev / Presk / / Saschienne (Sascha Funke + Julienne Dessagne)

Works – 27 + 28 September

Aram Bartholl / Ben Dalton / Collective Works (Karin Mientjes + Peter Zuiderwijk) / / Christian van der Kooy / Frank Loer + Arnoud Herder / iiinitiative / INSIDE / Jennifer Kanary Nikolov(a) /
Joris Strijbos + Daan Johan / Marina Abramovic Institute:
Suzanne Dikker + Matthias Oostrik / Matthijs Munnik / Media Lostness (Karina Karaeva + Evgeny Umansky – NCCA Moscow): Sergey Bratkov, Vladimir Logutov, Vladimir Seleznev / Onno Dirker / Past Imperfect
(Joseph Backstein – Moscow Biennale / Sebastien Wierinck / Staalplaat Soundsystem // Teun Verkerk + Joris Hoogeboom /

Sphæræ – 27 + 28 September

Cocky Eek / Dieter Vandoren + Mariska de Groot / Francisco López / Joost Rekveld / Martijn van Boven / Nenad Popov / Paul Prudence / Robert Curgenven / Synergetica Lab (Evelina Domnitch + Dmitry Gelfand) / Yamila Ríos + Joris Strijbos

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