Token announces new Ctrls EP

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Next month the ever brilliant Token Records releases a new EP by label mainstay Troels Knudsen aka Ctrls, whose tight bond with the imprint continues with his seventh exclusive EP.

The follow up to last year’s ‘Two Worlds’ EP is called ‘Nonuser’ and takes the hypnotic Ctrls sound to new heights, delivering rolling percussion alongside twisting, distorted leads and thundering bass lines.

Token 60 opens with ‘Vocabulary’. A rigid percussive framework provides the perfect, albeit heavy backdrop to the track’s distorted, detuned pads and tightly enveloped, morphing lead. The title track takes dancers into slightly more bizarre territory. Its unrelenting kickdrum propels staccato, cut up hi hats alongside a sporadic melody that falls slightly outside the grid.

The release ends with ‘The Wave’, a subtler track. Timbre rich chords fade in and out over a thick and rolling low end. Uneven claps complete this atmospheric production, which ends dissolving into the chords and drones built up over the preceding five minutes.

‘Nonuser’ is out on April 15 through Token Records.

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