ADE 2013: Joris Voorn & Matthias Tanzmann present

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Jan Stricker, one of our talented photographers, grabbed his camera last Thursday and attented the Joris Voorn & Matthias Tanzman present event at this year’s ADE. Jan shot some amazing pictures and we published a small selection on the website. To view the entire selection, visit our Facebook page where we will post all pictures.

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Jan Stricker

Jan is a German graphic design student who’s currently living in Breda. If he’s not busy with artsy stuff for university, he enjoys grabbing one of his cameras and going out for a shoot, or he just stays at home and plays some sweet tunes on his turntables. The best of both worlds come together in working for House Cult as a photographer - he provides fresh photo impressions of festivals, parties or anything else you can think of, which is connected to electronic music. So, if you get a hold of him on the next event you are visiting, you can bet that his photos will land on this community.