Podcast 34 Vincent Leijen

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This month’s podcast is recorded by an upcoming talent from the Netherlands named Vincent Leijen. Vincent is a talented producer and DJ, based in Arnhem. After his first two releases on Ambizi Records, Vincent delivered an exciting track called Rosette just before the start of the summer.

It’s safe to say Rosette has been a breakthrough release for Vincent. Many known artists played his track on various festivals last summer which resulted in a self confidence boost and a solid foundation for Vincent to expand his career within the electronic music scene. We had a small chat with Vincent and asked him some questions.

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Vincent, how’s life at the moment? What keeps you busy and did you enjoy the summer?

I just started my study at the prestigious Herman Brood academy called; Dance Producer. Although I just began my study I already encountered the special atmosphere that you’ll find within this academy.

I had a great summer. A summer like you enjoyed during your youth; lighthearted and sunny.

Your track Rosette has been a soundtrack for many of us last summer. Can you tell us more about the release?

Rosette has been a turning point for me. After I watched a documentary about the vibrations generated by the stars in the universe I was positively inspired and decided to use this motivation to work on a track for an entire night.

This resulted in an uplifting baseline mixed with a set of warm sounding strings and a dreamy melody, these elements worked remarkably well together and complemented each other.

Most people link the sound of Rosette to this common summer feeling, but it also provides the urge to get your feet moving. DJ’s such as Olivier Weiter, Miss Melera and Eelke Kleijn used my track to create a specific atmosphere at the start of their set or to end a set.

What did you gain with the success of your release?

The most important result was the increase of my self-confidence. The fact that people enjoyed my track and it functioned as a medium that made it possible for people to sense some of their emotions is the most rewarding compliment for me as a producer.

Last year I made the decision to stop with all my other activities besides my musical career. Quite a scary choice, but after the release it felt like the best decision I’ve made so far.

Besides the increase in self-confidence, it resulted in an extensive network. I made new connections with artists and promoters. I’ve never been interested in the more commercial side of electronic music, and it’s kind of weird I’m saying this right now, but your network plays a vital role within your career. I’m well aware of the fact that one successful release doesn’t result in a flourishing career, but at least I created a proper foundation.

Your release is published at the Little Globe Imprint. How did you end up at this label? Which specific role plays a record label within the success of a release? How important was the opportunity to release your track at this imprint?

The way I came in contact with Little Globe Records was quite a surprise. I uploaded the track to my Soundcloud profile, a profile with just a small amount of followers, and within a week Willem van der Ploeg (the label owner) contacted me about the track.

Willem contacted me by phone and was really enthusiastic about the track. We planned a meeting, and it turned out we met each other on a conference a year before. It’s a small scene.

Nowadays artists do have the resources to connect to a big public due to platforms such as Soundcloud, Youtube and Bandcamp. The major benefit from a collaboration with a professional label is the network a label such as Little Globe Records has to offer. Contact and support from big artists and invitations to cool parties, it quickly came within reach.

How do you spend your time when you’re not busy with producing and DJ’ing?

Being a DJ and producer sounds glamorous, but in real life your just a nerd who’s tweaking synthesizers and spends hours behind a PC.  Most of my friends share my passion for music, so chilling out in the park often turns out in conversations about technical gadgets, artists and music. I also love to do some mountain biking, I recently broke my collarbone thanks to this hobby. Maybe I should focus on my music for now 😉

Are you willing to share some of your musical gems?

I’m a big fan of the sets from Tripeo (the alter ego of Darko Esser). I’m addicted to four-to-the-floor rhythms and Darko proves with both his choice of records and his technique that it never gets boring if performed right. I also like the productions from Lewis Fautzi a.k.a. Nuklear Default and Rocco Caine.

Maybe it’s cool to mention that the notorious Amsterdam based duo Henzel & Disco Nova remixed my track Rosette. This edit is released on the 30th of September.

Any upcoming events or releases you’re willing to share?

Together with my friend Jorik van de Pol we perform as a duo called Park & Sons. We’re working on some new material at the moment. On the 2nd of November, we’re playing alongside some of our hero’s; Truncate & Psyk, at Schönes Wochenende. A cozy party with a firm sound, one I’m really looking forward to.

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For more information about Vincent visit his Facebook or Souncloud page

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