Podcast 36 T-Bone

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Podcast 36 T-Bone

The 36th podcast in our ongoing podcast sequence is recorded by Timmy Stewart aka T-Bone. If you ask anyone who’s worth his or her salt about the house & techno that emits from Ireland then chances are Timmy “T-Bone” Stewart’s name will crop up.

From not-so-humble beginnings receiving his first break, warming up for Carl Cox at the seminal rave institution ‘Kelly’s’ in his homeland of Northern Ireland, Timmy went on to secure a residency at David Holmes’ influential Art College events, where he quickly developed a reputation for his Djing skills and extensive knowledge of quality electronics. It was this early scholarship that laid the roots to Timmy’s future endeavours, founding the popular Belfast parties, Digital Boogie, Tsunami and Islandhopper, cementing his position as a key player in the Belfast club scene.

A string of killer releases for Manchester’s Paperrecordings, San Diego’s Siesta Records and co founding the Product Deluxe label meant Timmy’s increased following did not go unnoticed and he went on to become the resident and in-house booker for the legendary Shine events and sister venue The Stiff Kitten before taking up monthly residencies at Yello, Love & Death & the Hudson.

He has remixed everyone from Andrew Weatherall to Jordan had material featured on albums for house institutions Trax & Strictly Rhythm, collaborated with vocalists Robert Owens & Abe Duque and presently forms one half of the leadership on the forward thinking Extended Play imprint.

T-Bone interview

Timmy StewartCan you explain how you set yourself up on a day-to-day basis?

“I wear many hats in an average day or week, as my roles often switch between that of a DJ, dad, label owner, producer, tutor and graphic designer but I do enjoy & feel privileged with these aspects of my life and just how much of it revolves around music.”

What is your musical background and how did you get in touch with electronic music?

“I grew up with my Mum who was an avid record collector and I can honestly remember popping records on the player from a very young age, so I was always kind of destined to be a collector at the very least. I completely fell in love with the Streetsounds compilations and a lot of electro music in the late 80s and then after a few proper moments within the acid house scene I just properly connected with ‘four four’ music & DJ culture.”

What should we definitely know about Timmy Stewart that has never been asked before?

“Biggest musical disappointment I ever had  was years ago when I had DJ Harvey booked to come and play in Belfast with me and he broke his arm skateboarding a week before the gig and had to cancel. We couldn’t find a suitable date to reschedule quickly so it never happened in the end, beyond gutted about that one.”

You recently became the proud father of a little girl, when will she be introduced with electronic music?

“Well she’s nipper no 2 and my little boy has already been hanging out in my studio, messing around and just having fun creating noises and living in the Stewart household means music is sort of unavoidable as my wife loves it just as much as me. These kids will have a wealth of music at their fingertips and be surrounded by it growing up so it’ll be interesting to see just how that affects them. Is there a brother and sister dj & production team as yet?”

What was your intention with the podcast?

“It’s a pretty good example of the stuff I like to play late at night into the early hours of the morning. I’ve always been drawn to darker edged music with a slightly esoteric feel but still containing a certain depth and warmth. Things like acid basslines, 909 percussion and weirder synths are definitely recurring themes and that’s all present here. There’s quite a lot of new music on this mix, although I am known for joining the dots between older tracks and new bits in my club sets.”

T-BoneFrom which artist do you find inspiration or can you introduce us with new talent that really needs some appreciation?

Andrew Weatherall has been a constant source of inspiration, as he always seems to be evolving and not standing still for long, which I do admire. Chris Duckenfield really highlighted to me what good djing is through the range in his sets and the way he programs the music together. Production wise, Leon Vynehall, Trevino, MCDE and Deetron are crazily consistent and the new wave of artists emerging from Belfast are def due more recognition but I think that’ll be coming real soon.”

How’s the ‘scene’ in Belfast nowadays?

“It’s in a very healthy place at present with Bicep, Ejeca, Boxcutter, Bloom, JMX, Unknown, Bubba, Jordan, Psycatron, Swoose, Phil Keiran, JC Williams, Mo’Jam, Chris Hanna, Schmutz, also one of the guys from Jack Fell Down is from here and everyone seems to be picking up major props on a regular basis. It’s seemingly just getting bigger all the time now which ultimately puts the whole of N.Ireland in a good place. The opening hrs of the clubs are pitiful but let’s stick with the positives.”

You are the co-owner of the Extended Play imprint, how’s the label developing?

“It’s really been building steadily over the last 18 months and we feel the music that we have lined up for next years releases is completely outstanding which will firmly put us and our artists on the map. We always wanted to be known for quality without being pigeonholed, so if we want to put out something deeper we will, yet the next release could have a more peak time feel, it does take a bit longer to establish yourself in this way but has more appeal to us.”

Can you tell us something about upcoming projects, releases or events?

“We have singles lined up for the whole of 2014 now, our first artist album is coming from JC Williams, a mix compilation of label highlights mixed by John (JMX) and myself and I will be putting out my first T-Bone originals on the label as well as a host of remixes and some exciting collaborative projects. We will also be hosting more label takeovers all over the place, where JMX and I will joined by other artists from the roster for the whole night. So hopefully we’ll be pretty unavoidable next year.”

House Cult Podcast 36 T-Bone Tracklist

1. Wouter De Moor – Bio Groove
2. Chesus – Beyond Corruption
3. RDS – Feeling You
4. Shaun J. Wright & Alinka – Come Together
5. C-Rock – Funky Dope Trakk (Boris Werner’s ‘Dopeness Galore’ mix)
6. Trevino – Another Lifetime
7. Tomson – The Drug Dealer & The Bookmaker
8. Deetron & Ripperton – Thinking feat. Cooly G
9. Schmutz – Splint
10. Samu.l – Seagull
11. Jack Dixon – E
12. The Other People Place – Let Me Be M

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