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The 40th podcast in our ongoing podcast sequence is recorded by MOTSA. We stumbled upon this talented producer while we were checking out some new releases. His track ‘The Ruoma’ made quite an impression and we asked MOTSA right away to record a podcast. MOTSA is half Russian, born in Vienna and raised in Scotland. He feels at home in many musical fields, most of them being beat driven, soulful and harmonic. He is constantly discovering different expressions in the world of electronic music which he uses to develop his sound and to create something different. His need to constantly push his own boundaries, led to the recent international attention with his tune ‘Sleepless Nights’.

This track made it on to Sasha’s August 2013 Cover CD for Mixmag. MOTSA´s electronic compositions were also appreciated by the likes of Compost records and other well-established labels, for whom he has provided his remix and production skills. MOTSA always tries to convey his serious love for sounds and his pleasure in communicating with the audience through music – doing this with his productions as well as his DJ sets. As a result of his approach to club music, he was invited to take part in the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp held in Vienna in November 2013.

Please introduce yourself to our readers, what is MOTSA about and what should we definitely know about MOTSA?

“MOTSA is about hip movement, mozzarella and chocolate. Joke by side, over the last 6 years I have listened to and made many styles of dance music. MOTSA is about combining those experiences and making something new and personal from it. In the past, I have made tracks that are purely meant to make people dance. In my most recent productions I’ve been trying to create something that works at home and in a living room atmosphere and still has enough drive to make people dance in a club environment. That is what MOTSA is about for me now, combining both worlds, but that can always change.”

You’re currently based in Vienna and grew up in Scotland. When and why did you move to Vienna?

“Well I am actually originally born in Vienna. I moved to Scotland when I was 5 because my mum wanted a change of surroundings for a few months and we ended up staying for quite a few years. I was back and forth between Austria and Scotland until I finished school. After I finished school I had to come back to Vienna to do civil service (compulsory in Austria). The plan was to go back to Scotland after this period, but I got in to the whole music thing and my living and study possibilities here were very good, so it made sense to stay here.”

“One thing that plays a key role in my life – quality food! (in my opinion cooking and creating food is like making music). MOTSA is all about good food, good ingredients and creating own culinary inventions. “

What was your intention with the podcast you recorded?

“First of all I wanted to include a bunch of my own productions to introduce myself. Secondly I wanted to mix in tracks that I dig at the moment and that represent me as a DJ in the club world.”

How’s the future looking for you? Any interesting stuff coming up your willing to share?

“There should be some good stuff coming up. I’m just finishing of my next EP, but I can’t say more about it just yet as I want to wait till the release is finalized. I did a remix for James Teej on Sasha’s label ‘Last Night on Earth’ which should be out soon. Also my track ‘Broken Circuit’ and a remix from Skwerl will see a release on vinyl via Vienna based imprint ‘Birdkids’ shortly. I recently also released a free download track called ‘The Ruoma’. Other than that I will continue putting a lot of energy into my production work and will be busy playing gigs.

MOTSA – Broken Circuit

What are your 2014 goals?

“My goals are to make at least 1-2 more EPs this year. It would be great to get some international gigs and do some more interesting remix work. Other than that, I want to stay focused, stay true to my sound and push my own boundaries.”

Which artists have been your biggest musical inspiration and can you share some producers who you dig at the moment?

“This is a very tricky question for me to answer, as my inspiration comes from so many different places and musical genres. Here is a short list of some of the artists who’s work I respect: (not necessarily dance floor orientated) Dorian Concept, Cid Rim, Salute (three Austrian colleague’s, extremely innovative), Dauwd (included in my podcast), Darkside (Nicholas Jaar’s new project), Maribou State and SOHN.

“The more clubby and house-y stuff I dig comes from the likes of Kink, Dusky, Detroit Swindle, Max Graef, Lone, Kyodai, New York Transit Authority, George Fitzgerald… also here the list could go on and on. Also my buddies Dizzy Womack and Andrea Fissore have been putting out some great tracks for the clubs!”

“Vienna’s very own Kruder & Dorfmeister definitely played a key role in my decision to make my own music. Their K&D Sessions where probably my first active engagement with electronic music.”

“Following on from this, the early Drum & Bass and Breakbeat scene from the UK really got me and from this point on I knew that sounds from the UK would stick with me for a long time. Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and Disco are also a big influence.”

As mentioned above, now I try to gather everything I’ve listened to over the years and create my own style from this. I feel that if I get to caught up on one style, sound or artist, I will not be innovative.

Picture credits: Vici Kager, Andreas Peter Wall and Julian Mullan

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