Podcast 42 Liam Geddes

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Podcast number 42 is recorded by Liam Geddes. Liam is a young producer/DJ hailing from the small simple city of Milton Keynes, UK. His love of music came from a very early age when his family would play all kinds of records ranging from; house, hip hop, garage, soul, jazz and R&B which moulded his musical taste and style unconsciously. At age 16 he downloaded a pirate copy of Reason 4 and instantly fell in love with the whole concept.

Liam’s influences over the years have been; Kerri Chandler, Theo Parrish, Guti, Levon Vincent, J Dilla, Ben Watt, Mood II Swing, Makam, Point G, Ron Morelli, Delano Smith and many more.

Shortly after finishing secondary school Liam decided to chase his dream and put all his energy into a Music Production Diploma course at Bedford College. Where he met a Producer called; Samuel W‘ here they began to start experimenting with underground house and techno music to each find their own sound.

Constantly evolving a house/techno sound over the four years on from college his tracks contain deep, hypnotic groove-flecked harmonies, intricate percussion combinations and harmonizing key chords which take the listener on a deep journey. He has also found his tracks in to the record bags of some of the scene’s most influential DJ’s.

Liam’s ‘I Got Something Here‘ EP has dropped recently on the Manchester based label; ‘Music Is Love Records‘. Liam’s penchant for utilising deft vocal touches and heavy-hitting basslines personifies his style and tracks which are formed with great dynamic range and filled with confident underground dance floor flair. With past releases also on label’s such as; Pura Music, Made Fresh Daily, 124 Recordings and Pathway Traxx be sure to expect more from this young up and coming producer. As always we’ve asked some questions to find out more about the artist.

How’s your musical career developing at the moment? Are you chasing your musical dream fulltime? How does your day to day life looks like?

“My Career is developing slowly but surely at the moment, I mean I’m still reasonably young at 22 years old and I still work a Monday to Friday full time job. However I am really proud of my up to date releases, recent gigs etc. I’m chasing my musical dream for sure, I think it’s all about never giving up, putting everything into it and also believing in yourself.”

What are your goals for 2014 and what is your long-term goal?

“My goals for 2014 are to just keep on making music that I like, try and play in new cities which I have never been too and also release maybe one or two EP’s on a label which I have been a fan of for some time. My long-term goal is to be able to live comfortably off producing music and also tour the world playing my music and others. I mean it’s a pretty cliche thing to say but I have been wanting this ever since hearing house music from a young age.”

Liam Geddes – I Got Something Here

What was your intention with the podcast you recorded?

“My intention for the podcast was to play some of my favourite tracks at the moment and also keep a certain kind of club vibe throughout, as when I normally record a mix I tend to play a more relaxed sound.”

Can you share some producers with us who definitely need some recognition and don’t receive the exposure they should at the moment?

“Without a doubt my good friend from over the years Samuel W aka Sam Wallace, he is a very talented and creative individual who creates really nice music with jazzy influences. You can find him on soundcloud.”

“A producer called Isherwood aswell, he’s quite underground so to speak but his music is dark with amazing groove and depth. To be honest most people who I recognise as good producers already have a good name for themselves, all of the crew at Music Is Love Records though are very talented who create fresh exciting new music.”

How’s the future looking for you? Any interesting stuff coming up your willing to share?

“It’s looking good, at the moment I’m trying to wrap up some new tracks ready for 2014 releases so can’t say much more than hopefully they find a nice new home soon, I also have a EP forthcoming on the new sister label of Music Is Love Records called; ‘MIL’ which I am very excited about and also gigs in Leeds, Manchester, Bristol and Amsterdam.”

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