Podcast 43 Monsieur Cedric

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Podcast number 43 is recorded by Cedric Sabras, better known as Monsieur Cedric. Cedric is French but prefers to be called a ‘world citizen’ after living in no less than ten different countries. Cedric loves music, basically any kind of music, as long as it sounds good. He has been playing house and techno since the early 90’s,  but Cedric loves to spin any kind of music that is related to jazz or disco; which means pretty much everything. Cedric collects all sorts of records such as; bossa nova, funk, new-wave, Chicago house, Detroit techno, Japanese fusion jazz and Italian 60s & 70s soundtracks.

Now in his late thirties, Cedric uses vinyl for his DJ sets. But ten years ago, as he was relocating to North America, he decided to put his record collection in a storage unit for a while and switched to cd’s as it would have been too complicated to ship thousands of records to his current residence. Later new technology such as Traktor arrived and the move to digital DJ-ing came naturally.

Later on in 2011, Cedric relocated to Tokyo and came to the conclusion that his old beloved wax was definitely not dead and how much he missed the warm sound of his old records. He considered shipping his records to Japan, but unfortunately the Tsunami forced him to return to Europe and it’s in London that Cedric decided to establish himself. A few months later, he bought a SL1200, managed to ship his entire collection to the UK and started to buy all the records he had missed on vinyl!

Some DJ’s try to get their collection on mp3, so they can play their favorite tracks using Traktor or Serato. I did the complete opposite.

A year and a thousand records later, he thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to launch his own label with the help of his old friends Steve Frisco aka DJ Slave and Greg Erman, leader of the French band Junesex. ‘Serie Limitée’ was born, and it’s getting stronger month by month.

The goal of the label is to release music produced by some of his old friends and new talents, and it has been a success due to the help of people like Joey Kay, Villanova, Desos, Deymare, Lady Blacktronica, and Shyam. Cedric additionally created a sub-label named ‘Serie Limitée Hors Série’ and released a 7inch record which sold out in a week. The second opus will be out soon and introduce a new talent named Aldo who will introduce his bangin’ techno.

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