Podcast 44 Acumen

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The 44th podcast in our ongoing sequence is recorded by Acumen. Antoine ‘Acumen’ Garcia is a man with a tough schedule. A label owner, a DJ, a producer, a live act, a pharmacist and a father, he’s a man who leads numerous different lives. Even so, it’s his ability to conjure up celestial, melodic house and techno strands that has endeared him to many, not least through his work at his own label, the much renowned Time Has Changed (the label he runs alongside compatriot Damien ‘Timid Boy’ Almera), but also on other seminal imprints of the scene a la Mobilee, Get Physical and Suara

Acumen’s story, of course, is a nuanced and detailed one. Inspired by the infamous Barlive party in his native France (a place where ”everything was possible and where he discovers the electronic music”), he soon started DJing and it wasn’t long before he was bitten by the production bug, and in the early 00s he soon gave in to an insatiable desire to make his own music. It wasn’t long before his productions perked the ears of some of the scene’s foremost players, with Richie Hawtin among those championing his sound way back in 2009. Indeed, so impressed was Hawtin with Acumen’s talents that he even went as far as calling him his breakthrough producer of the year. No small feat for a man who was still honing his sound at that stage.

As his sound progressed further still, further accolades soon followed, with the likes of Laurent Garnier, Loco Dice, Joris Voorn and Peter Kruder all enticed by Acumen’s rich, quality-strewn sound. The next chapter in the Acumen story, however, looks set to be its most enticing so far, with his live act – over 5 years in the making – the latest sum of his parts. Inspired as he is by day-to-day life as much as he is by DJs and producers such as Superpitcher, Steve Bug, MANDY, Acumen soon went to work in his studio, with a recent string of new releases very much indicative of a new direction.

As Acumen says, ”With the live act, I wanted to show all my musical taste & skills. And i especially think that a live act is rather more personal than a mix’. And with a series of very special tracks soon to be released on Get Physical and Leena Music, Acumen’s tracks have come at just the right time to warm your ears. And as you’ve probably discovered by now, Acumen is a man for whom his alias in entirely apt.

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