ADE 2013: “Playing at the playground”

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Besides the fully loaded night program, ADE offered a diverse daytime program with Q&A’s, movies, exhibitions and much more. Instead of writing several party reports about events you probably attended and still recovering from, we choose to highlight some of the events from the ADE Playground. We did a fair bit of partying at night, but also made an effort to try to share some of the daytime activities.

Sonos Studio – Henrik Schwarz

The Sonos Studio came up with the opportunity to check out their home audio system in a living room setting. During the festival they organized several Q&A’s with the artists who attended the Amsterdam Dance Event. One of them was Henrik Schwarz, who performed later on that night at the illustrious Concertgebouw with ‘Het Nederlands Kamerorkest’.

Schwarz started by talking about his unique performance. For a couple of years, he’s been planning to set-up a performance comparable to this one, but he didn’t what to be a DJ who just dropped some beats standing along the orchestra. Within this remarkable setting, he’s given the opportunity to transfer his own productions into something new, and get it played by an entire orchestra. Schwarz also mentioned it is a great opportunity to get younger people intrigued and involved in the more classic genres.

After this short intro, he started talking about tracks that proved to be a big source of inspiration during his long-lasting career. Henrik’s music is most affected by jazz. Later on, when he started listening to hip hop and started sample digging, he found out that the majority of samples used in hip hop are taken from jazz and soul records.

The first track he mentioned was ‘Advice to Medics’ by Sun Ra. Sun Ra, and especially this track, provide Schwarz with a boost of stimulation when he is out of inspiration. The second track was ‘Symbiosis 1st Movement A’ by Bill Evans. Bill Evans is Schwarz’s favorite piano player of all times.

Schwarz lost his interest in jazz music for a couple of years. He was fed up with it and didn’t want to listen to it anymore . Several years later, he watched some late-night television and saw a live performance of E.S.T. (Esbjörn Svenssön Trio) with the track ‘Behind the Yashmak’. He was so touched by this track that he started listening to jazz again.

Schwarz produced several tracks and an album with Bugge Wesseltoft (a Norwegian jazz musician). A big influential factor within their collaboration is Herbie Hancock. They even sampled some parts from the track ‘Homecoming’ of Chick Corea & Herbie Hancock. On this live recording, you hear the artist making jokes and a lot of laughter which got Schwarz talking about humor and music. In his opinion, it depends on the kind of music your performing, to choose if its beneficial to use humor on stage. “When you are playing live and have a good interaction with the audience you can certainly use It”.

Next up was Duke Ellington with his famous ‘Summertime’ song. Schwarz is a big admirer of Duke Ellington based on the numerous crazy recordings he made. An artist who’s able to cover songs in a way people do not expect.

Another artist that influenced Schwarz is Pharoah Sanders, an American saxophone player. The two tracks he mentioned are ‘You Gotta Have Freedom’ and ‘Astral Traveling’. “Something we can learn from the majority of American artists is that they always perform on the edge”. They always play like it is their last show ever.

Another special track is Doug Hammond’s ‘Reflections In The Sea Of Nurnen’. The track is a rarity and only available on vinyl. Schwarz recorded a digital version to give it a listen. It makes him think about energy and the reasons why he is making music.

He ended his session with a track of Yusef Lateef (Love Them From ‘the Robe’) and Sun Ra (Dance Of The Living Image). Although we didn’t hear any house music during this session, it was very interesting to hear him talk about his influences. All the tracks he played are definitely worth a listen.

Documentary – Old School Renegades

Maurice Steenbergen (one half of the legendary Rotterdam Termination Source, famous for their hit ‘Poing’) made a documentary about the rise of house and rave in the 80’s and 90’s, which premiered at this edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event. The documentary is a combination of interviews, with a lot of big names from that era, old footage, and of course a selection of classic tracks. Maurice talked to legends such as Lenny Dee, Joey Beltram, Moby, The Prodigy and Paul Elstak. They talk about how the music was founded, what kind of instruments they used, and where particular styles originate form. It gives a clear impression about how things evolved back in the days and how the artist from back then look at the industry nowadays. This documentary is a must see for everyone who is interested in electronic music in general and in particular house music. The documentary won’t be available on DVD due to copyright limitations, but you can watch the movie at several cinemas.

Exhibitions – Holland op zijn Hardst / Cleo Campert ‘After’

During the Amsterdam Dance Event,  a number of photo exhibitions were organized (in- and outdoor). We visited two of these exhibitions. The first one was ‘Holland op zijn hardst’ exposed in De Melkweg and was based on ‘De Gabber’ period in the nineties. A really cool combination of portraits from people at home (pre-party’s) and on the actual parties, shot by Dennis Duijnhouwer, Ryan Cookson, Erik Smits and Esteban Gonzalez. They also had a selection with portraits from people combined with a quote of the photographed person. The exposition is open to public till the 17th of November.

The second exposition we attended was ‘After’ by Cleo Campert. Cleo Campert became famous as the photographer of the famous Dutch club ‘Roxy’. During her career, she made countless photos on parties and after parties. A bunch of these photos where presented in this gallery in an after party setting. You can see this exhibition till the 3rd of November.

Documentary – In Extase

The documentary ‘In Extase’ is a Dutch documentary that makes an attempt in answering the following questions; what is electronic music all about and what is the link between dance music and XTC? The documentary is made by Ruud Pelgrum, who started collecting footage seven years ago. He interviewed Dutch DJ’s like DJ 100% Isis, Joris Voorn, Sandrien and Lucien Foort and filmed at famous Dutch events such as Mysteryland, Welcome to the Future and Club Air.

The documentary itself feels like a commercial show reel instead of providing the answers to the questions asked in our opinion. Some of the footage is nice to see, and some DJ’s (like Isis and Kareem Raïhani) give an interesting view on why we like dance music so much. In general we didn’t have the feeling we learned something about dance music. If you want to see the documentary you can check it out on ‘Uitzendinggemist‘.

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