Buiten Westen Festival 2014

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Last Saturday we attended the ‘Buiten Westen’ Festival. This fairly new festival was sold out for the third time in a row and took place in the Westerpark in Amsterdam. A city where festivals are popping up like daises and a city that offers some amazing surroundings for festivals. After two successful editions, the third edition once again impressed everyone with an incredible line-up featuring artists like Apparat, Michael Mayer, Rone, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Daniel Avery and many more.

With a slight discomfort due to the tropical temperatures we took the train to Amsterdam. With temperatures over 30 degrees, every little movement resulted in sweaty and soaked clothing, but as brave explorers we didn’t complain and we arrived after a hot journey at the Westerpark.

Like the years before, the organization collaborated with many initiatives, to create a vibrant and cozy festival setting with a Ferris wheel as the center of attention. We kicked-off at the NGHTDVSN stage, where Rone was about to start his live-set. With an amazing ambient start and subtle percussion it proved to be the perfect start. Gradually the set got more uplifting and energetic and this more than talented producer closed his impressive performance with his track ‘Parade.

After a small break to get some food and drinks, we headed to the Pleinvrees area where the German duo Monkey Safari was playing. Sadly the area was way too crowded which made us decide to check out the other areas on the festival. Our next stop was the Next Monday’s Hangover stage where our German friend Robag Wruhme played.

The Next Monday’s Hangover stage was smaller and definitely less-crowded at that moment, but at the same time delivered a great atmosphere. Melodic records merged with minimalistic tracks with more groove and set the perfect mood for that time of the day. Later on we wondered around and visited all other areas where we danced to Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Ten Walls, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Michael Mayer, Makam and Worakls.

To finish the day, we paid Apparat a visit on the Next Monday’s Hangover stage. It was a great way to end the day, Apparat left an unforgettable impression with his electronic sound and tricky percussion. We definitely got what we wanted and we went homeward satisfied.

All together Buiten Westen was a great experience. Lots of diversity, but still with a cozy feel. Great crowd and atmosphere. We also like to highlight the tasty food on the festival, thumps up! We like to thank the organization and all visitors for a great day and night out and hope to see you all next year!

Picture credits: De fotomeisjes

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