Trentemøller ‘Lost’ Concert

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Trentemøller released his third full-length album Lost in September and is currently touring around Europe. We attended one of the concerts last Sunday. Trentemøller, famous for his wrenching, melancholic melodies and innovating productions, is an artist we deeply admire and someone who’s always on our radar. ‘Nightwalker’ from his debut album ‘The Last Resort’ and ‘Miss You’ are two of our favorites, tracks we listen to on a regular base, and we’re sure you do as well.

Trentemøller’s third album ‘Lost’ is described as “a record defined by its thematic guitars, analog synthesizers and robust melodies; the antithesis to the feel of programmed, quantized music that some of his most early fans know him for”. ‘Lost’ does definitely have a more pop kind of sound compared to his earlier released material. We’re not big fans of pigeonholing, but if you would have to mark the sound of the album it would be a mix of electro-rock and indie-pop.

Trentemøller worked collectively with some of his idols such as Mimi Parker and Alan Sparhawk from Low, Kazu Makino, Jonny Pierce and Sune Rose Wagner on the album. These collaborations resulted in an exciting, innovative and above all unique album. A well-balanced mix between raw, dark elements and subdued, intimate sounding melodies.

Trentemøller’s album is impressive and so was his show last Sunday. An original designed decor and a decent sound system definitely increased the overall experience. The mix between the more raw and heavy tracks and emotional, subdued ones worked out well on stage. The only downside was the fact that the crowd didn’t seem to be so thrilled. The vibe was pretty reserved, maybe due to the fact it was a Sunday evening, but frankly said we were a little disappointed.

Although the atmosphere wasn’t what we hoped for, it was brilliant to listen to tracks such as ‘Gravity’,’ Still On Fire’ and ‘Never Stop Running’. Anders Trentemøller proves, once again, he has the capability to blend different genres into a well-crafted mix.

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Pictures by Jan Stricker ©

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